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Business planning

"Attention to detail is crucial to the successful implementation of business ideas."
Разработка бизнес-планов
Company facts
Developed business plans in various sectors of the economy
professional experience in attracting of investments
million dollars
Amount of attracted of investments with the participation of RС Invest
Rosconsulting partners
Key challenge
Key Services
Review of the owner of Miniso Rus Elmar Geybatov
Customer Information
Income: 1,5 billion USD (2016 г.)
Chinese retail chain (FMCG)
Headquaters: Guangzhou, China
Web site: www.miniso.com
Number of stores: 2 600 stores worldwide
Services provided

Business Plan Development
Development of investment presentation
Business book revision
KPI Development
Implement a task management system

Anton Palatnikov
Managing Partner - General Director.
Expertise: Finance and Investment.

He contributed as an investment consultant to the implementation of more than 50 investment projects in various sectors of the economy: industrial production, agriculture, etc. An expert in the field of business planning, attracting investments and comprehensive support for the implementation of investment projects. Founder of microfinance organization. The author of scientific works on the basis of REU them. G.V. Plekhanov in the field of Mathematical and instrumental methods in economics.

Igor Vinokurov
Managing partner, director. Ph.D.
Expertise: Strategy and Marketing.

He advised on the management of governors and regional ministers, top managers of the largest corporations in Russia and the CIS, as well as SMEs. As a project manager, he implemented consulting projects in a number of large and medium-sized enterprises in Russia and Ukraine in the sectors - mining, transport, hospitality, healthcare, public sector, distribution, etc. for such clients as Sberbank, Rosatom, Metinvest, Russian Railways, AK BARS Development, Henderson, Adamas and others. Founder of Internet projects in the field of e-commerce and tourism. PhD in Economics. The field of scientific research is the organizational and economic mechanisms of modernization of industry in Russia.
Lead consultants
Anton Kobelkov
Head of Management Consulting Practice
Andrey Burchakov
Head of Financial Consulting Practice, Ph.D.
Alexander Semenyutin
Head of Business Process Optimization and IT Implementation Practice, Ph.D.
Ruslan Khakimzyanov
Head of organizational consulting practice
Vladimir Bodnaryuk
Head of Corporate Time Management Practice
Alexey Sharov
Head of investment project support and valuation services
Vasily Skalon
Head of Project Management Practice
Sergey Cheremushkin
Head of Business Planning and Financial Modeling, Ph.D.
Ally Wasserman
Head of PR and Investor Relations